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Franchise information

Our site criteria

The selection of our sites is paramount to the success of the business. Our criteria demand a high traffic feet with good visibility, into and out of the store, to passing trade. The size requirements vary between 60m² – 120m²  (square meters) with an inside seating. Our sites must send one message out
'Welcome friend, Come in and Join us'.

Available Site

We will entertain proposals for new sites, provided the site meets the basic criteria, the rental is reasonable and it is a great site for Makoya Fish and chisp. Although limited sites are available, our team works hard to secure the best site for Makoya fish and chips Franchisees  which is one of the factors attributing to the success of Makoya fish and chips

What experience do you need to have

Our brand is about people and it requires you to give it personality. We need people with passion, drive and commitment. Our requirements are not only for restaurant experience but also for strong management and business experience.
Operating a Makoya fish and chips may seem glamorous but it involves hard work and long hour, people that are self-motivated achievers… If you are one of those people?
“Please feel free to contact our Franchising team to set up a mutually convenient appointment”.


The process for becoming a Franchisee

  • Email or fax the Franchise Application form and CV's of all Shareholders to Makoya fish andchips Develoment: Info@makoyafishandchips.co.za
  • If approved then the Franchisor will set up a meeting with the Franchisee.
  • At the meeting the Franchisor will give Franchisee Agreements and Disclosure documents.
  • Set up meetings with Landlords to discuss Leases of various stores.
  • Sign Franchise Agreement (must have received Disclosure documents 14 days prior to this).
  • Pay sign up fee.
  • Pay store design floor layout fee and start designing.
  • Approve design floor layout (1/2 weeks after payment of design fee).
  • Franchisor and Franchisee will set up training schedules for all staff.
  • Training takes place.
  • Opening of store once all training, setup and payments are complete.







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